Bound (1996)

Directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski
108 minutes : Thriller
Corky, a lesbian ex con hired to work in an apartment as a plumber, meets neighbors Caesar, who launders money for the Mafia, and his girlfriend Violet. The two women have a love affair and decide to steal $2,000,000 that Caesar has in custody before he gives them back to Mafia boss Gino Marzone. Caesar is set up by the two scheming women as a scapegoat but things start to go wrong when he reacts in an unexpected way...

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This is a very good movie, i have seen many movies so i pretty much know whats good and what sucks. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon are a great couple for the screen. Its the kind that you can watch over and over, so i say everyone should see this movie even if your straight as hell.

Page (email:


This is a FANTASTIC movie! If you haven't seen it yet, why not?! You need to see this one! Jennifer Tilly is hot, hot, hot as Violet & Gina Gershon makes a sexy (if somewhat unconvincing) butch dyke. Their flirting sets the screen on fire & their love scene makes others pale in comparison. The edginess of the movie makes for some delightful suspense. There is some violence (with the Mob involved, that kind of goes without saying) but this movie is probably one of the closest things you can get to a celluloid orgasm. It has the seduction, the building & the very satisfying climax. You're never quite sure of your footing throughout but you know it's a great ride! And the ending is one of the very best ever given to a film with a predominately Lesbian theme. It pays off! A true thrill ride in every sense! Go see it! You won't regret it!

Jennifish (email:


Great movie! Go and rent it tonight! You won't regret!

Medina and Anna


It puts the last word in the argument whether there is such thing as "different love".Very convincing all the way through, makes you wonder why bisexual/gay relationships could not be accepted for such a long time. The ending is simply brilliant, showing the light in the end of a tunnell for the ones who lost their hope...

Serguei (email:


An intelligent movie in different angles (literately). I agree that Gina Gershon is sexy but unconvincing as a butch dyke Corky, and I think Jennifer Tilley's Violet looks more like Betty Boop... I guess stereotyping is inevitable in show bis.

Marion (email:


Very nice! on one side such a overhelmed romance and on the second side terrible and bloddy mafia crap staff! Well as for me I choose lovely romance! and yes one more thing I LOVE GINA GERSHON! she soooo HOT!

Sineadka (email:


I thought the movie was very good--it did not portray the characters in a negative way and it had an extremely good plot. Great movie

bunchie (email: