Butterfly Kiss (1995)

Eunice is walking along the highways of northern England from one filling station to another. She is searching for Judith, the woman, she says to be in love with. It's bad luck for the women at the cash desk not to be Judith, because Eunice is eccentric, angry and extreme dangerous. One day she meets Miriam, hard of hearing and a little ingenuous, who feels sympathy for Eunice and takes her home. Miriam is very impressed by Eunice's fierceness and willfulness and follows her on the search for Judith. Shocked by Eunice's cruelty she tries to make her a better person, but she looses ground herself.

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What some people think about this movie...

I stumbled across this movie and I can't tell you if i'm shocked or terrified. Everything about Eunice is scary to me personally, from her chained body (literally chained!) to her casual and carefree inclinations for murder. You can't see why Miriam would want to go along for this trip when so much of Eunice's violence is random, vicious and senseless. Having said all of that, the closing minutes of this movie are some of the most heart breaking and beautiful moments i've ever had the foutune (or is it misfortune) to see and hear. I recommend Butterfly Kiss because it's a movie about salvation and finding some sort of peace. About unlocking the chains that bind you...just before you die.

Melissa (email: lupemban@msn.com)


They should make more movies like it!was an interesting and graphic movie.....

Melissa (email: charlieluvsu@hotmail.com)