Claire of the Moon (1992)

Directed by Nicole Conn
USA : 107 : Drama
Female authors gather at a small northern coastal retreat to work on their writing skills. A first-time guest who lives for the moment finds herself struggling with her sexuality after discovering her roommate is a lesbian.

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What some people think about this movie...

Conn is the writer and director made for lesbians with class. This flick is awesome and portrays some real lesbians not phony hetros pretending to be homo. There is one fantasy scen that i have wore out on this tape by playing it over and over. Don't miss this movie... Her newest movie Cynarra is even better.. see it you will be pleased it will leave you wet!

Taz Devil (email:


I'd like so much to see this movie, but it isn't available yet in Italian version. I hope I'll find the English version somewhere in my country.

daffodil (email:


It is a great movie, if you're looking for a realistic portrait of women who love women. It's really erotic too, but not like some porno for straight guys! It's already becoming a true "Lesbian Movie" classic.

Kotenok (