Strangers in Good Company (1991)

Directed by Cynthia Scott
Canada : 100 minutes : Drama

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A very sweet poignant story of a group of elderly women trapped in the hills of Canada for several nights. Dorector Cynthia Scott told the "actresses" the basic storyline & then let them ad lib their way through. It is a story about real women who share their actual life stories with each other & with the audience, including photos. There is a nun, a Navajo grandmother, a former British flapper, a Naturalist Lesbian, an English stroke survivor, a high-strung frail Lady, their younger female bus-driver & an introspective woman who's fear that she may be dying necessitates the detour to find her old childhood home in the woods where they all become lost. Slow-paced but marvelously so, this film blooms like a precious flower as the women become closer & share of themselves. My HIGHEST recommendation! You'll never be the same again after watching the grace & courage of these beautiful women.

Jennifish (email:


A quick correction, if I may. Alice is of Mohawk decent & not Navajo as I stated previously.

Jennifish (email:


I think this will be the only time I won't agree with Jennifish on movie review (she is a wonderful critic). This movie is very slow,you have to be very patient or be in the mood to see something with a theme "We'll all be old one day."

Medana (email: