Vegas in Space (1991)

Directed by Phillip R. Ford
85 minutes : Musical Comedy
The four-man crew of the U.S.S. Intercourse races on a secret mission to the planet Clitoris, a 23rd-century all-female pleasure planet where men are forbidden to touch down. Ordered by the Empress of Earth to swallow gender-reversal pills, the spacemen swap their sexes to go undercover as 20th-century showgirls and are propelled into a dizzying caper to capture the perpetrator of a heinous crime that has hurled the orbiting resort on its path to doom.

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What some people think about this movie...

A very high-camp high-haired Drag Queen Sci-Fi farce that's heavily stylized & very entertaining. Not really a Lesbian movie per se, but if you're a Lesbian who enjoys a good Drag show like I am, this will definitely hit the spot. Stars San Francisco legend Doris Fish, who we unfortunately lost to AIDS in the early '90's. At least we have this movie, a testament to her creativity & vitality & a fitting tribute to her over-the-top sense of humor.

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