The War Widow (1976)

Directed by Harvey Perr
Made-for-TV movie about a woman who falls in love with another woman while her husband is off fighting WWI. When he returns, she has to decide whether or not to leave him and her child to be with her lover.

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What some people think about this movie...

I first saw this movie on TV PBS, when I was very young. I thought it was the most wonderful thing I ever saw at the time. After 20 years it became available for purchase. It is still a wonderful movie, slow compared to what some people are used to, but overall an excellent film - if you take into account the era when it was filmed.



Believe it or not, I can still see scenes from this movie. I saw it in 1981, and to this day I've been wanting to see it again. Does anyone know how or where I can obtain a copy of this movie?

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