The Watermelon Woman (1996)

Directed by Cheryl Dunye

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A pseudo-documentary about a young African-American Lesbian's search for the truth about "the Watermelon Woman", a black actress from the early days in Hollywood who had frequently been relegated to maid roles but whose performances showed much more promise. This movie is sweet, funny & very enjoyable. The main characters, Cheryle & her best friend, (who work in a video store) are imminently likeable. Cheryle's search leads her to interactions with a host of oddball characters & to bring to light past & present racism on many different levels. When she begins dating a white girl, Guinevere Turner of "Go Fish" fame, she finds her relationship with her best friend becomes strained. This movie gives you much to think about but does it so adeptly, you don't even realize you're watching a social commentary until well after the movie ends. I HIGHLY recommend this movie! Very fun & smart!

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