Antonia (1995)

Directed by Marleen Gorris
Belgium/Netherlands/UK : 102 minutes : Drama
In an anonymous Dutch village, a sturdy, strong-willed matriarch looks back upon her life, the generations of family and friends gathered around her table, and ponders the cyclical nature of time.

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I had heard mixed reviews of this movie so I wasn't too sure I wanted to see it. I thought the preview made it sound rather dull. Wow! Was I glad I saw it! An EXCELLENT movie on so many levels. The matter-of-fact handling of the Lesbianism in the movie made it seem much more natural (as it is!) & less like a scandal or something to be hidden. Antonia is a wonderful, strong & lovely woman with a Lesbian daughter. The story is not at all "in your face" &, as such, might not appeal to those who crave only Hollywood hammering. This movie gave me much to think about & I loved it for that reason, among many others. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Jennifish (email:,


I think, I can't say anything more than that what Jennifish already said. Just see it!!!

Sonja (email: