Desert Hearts (1985)

Directed by Donna Deitch
USA : 96 : Drama
It is 1950s Nevada, and Professor Vivian Bell arrives to get a divorce. She's unsatisfied with her marriage, and feels out of place at the ranch she stays on, she finds herself increasingly drawn to Cay Rivers, an open and self-assured lesbian, and the ranchowner's daughter. The emotions released by their developing intimacy, and Vivian's insecurities about her feelings towards Cay, are played out against a backdrop of rocky landscapes and country and western songs.

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What some people think about this movie...

This movie has some great scenes but drags in some places.. You get caught up in their lives and you find yourself rooting for Cay Rivers the gorgeous lesbian with attitude to die for. If you love beautiful women and love a good story see this flick.. It is in my personal collection and i highly recomend it. **** Four star would have got five if more love scenes... does anyone speak french i think this is what they whisper during one scene... oh please help me on this..

TAZ DEVIL (email:


Not a bad movie. Starts out a little slow. Good love scenes between Vivian and Cay.

Michelle Riggs (email:


I'd like to buy this film, but in our town we have no this video. I have seen it on Gay film festival about three year ago. Would luke to see it again. Can somebody help me? P.S. I live in Estonia.

Jana (email:


The film is really great. I've seen it about 2 or 3 years ago but still remember it. It impressed me very much. Since I've seen this film on TV I'm triing to find this film and buy it but all my attempts are unsuccessful. I'd we very greatful if you help me in it.

Tatiana (email: