It's in the Water (1998)

Directed by Kelli Herd
In the small southern town of Azalea Springs, the country club set still rules. But the real frenzy begins with a drunken comment regarding the local drinking water. Rumor has it that the water is contaminated with something that actually "turns" people gay. Mix in Brother Daniel's "Homo-No-Mo" meetings, the local newspaper, and a group of rabid homophobic picketers, and you've got a recipe for panic. Heads reel. Women weep. Mothers, hide your children! In the midst of it all, we find Alex Stratton, a young woman dealing with a distant husband, an overbearing mother, and the tedium of meaningless society chatter and endless shoe critics. Going against her husband's and her mother's wishes, Alex accepts a job at the Hospice where she is reacquainted with Grace Miller, her best friend from high school who has returned to Azalea Springs after a nasty divorce. It is here that Alex falls out of 'grace' with society when the two are caught kissing in the Hospice supply room. The events that unravel as a result of this and another love affairs bear witness to what happens when hysteria and homophobia take control of their lives.

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