Demonsoul (1994)

Erica (Kerry Norton) is being haunted by nightmares nearly every night. She dreams ofritual sacrifice, black magic and a mysterious red-headed woman. When the dreams start to invade her during the day she is persuaded to visit a hypnotherapist, Dr. Charles Bucher (Daniel Jordan). Bucher's specialty is age regression and he soon discovers that Erica was a vampire in a past life and the red-headed woman is Selena (Eileen Daly) the vampire's servant. Interested in the vampire's power, Bucher offers to help the vampire to take over Erica's body and live again as for ther moment the vampire can only exist when Erica is hypnotised. On the brink of madness, Erica must survive the upcoming night when Dana the vampire rises once again.

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DEAMONSOUL is one of the true undiscovered classics of our age. Beautifully and sensitively made, it tackles the lesbian issue within a psuedo horror context in a rarely adult and sensitive way that is neither explotative or sensational. The actress, Kerry Norton, plays a character who must deal with past life memories of vampirism, manages to tackle the lesbian sub text in a way that few actresses I have ever witnessed on film dare. I would recomend this film without hesitation to anyone of any sexual persuasion, but gay women will find much that appeals to them. Any lesbian watching this picture will find it a cathartic experience. I cannot recomend it to you enough.

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