Every Afternoon (1972)

The sadistic Madam Margareta is a talking side of beef that serves as the hostess and ring leader for a live sex tease show and whorehouse. Madam's shows always feature her bodacious nieces Susanna and Karen, who perform in everything from striptease to S&M acts. Karen meets and eventually runs away with a rich guy. Susanna falls in love with a deceptive airport cargo handler. After several more kinky shows and various soft core sex scenes, Karen is gone and Susanna and her man find out the truth behind each others lies.

Summary written by Sven Bertilsson

Miss Dors plays the sadistic Madame Margareta, an aging hooker who serves as ring-mistress of a kinky erotic stage show that features her gorgeous young nieces Susanna and Karen. They have their share of quirks, Susanna lives in a fantasy world where she impersonates different characters, and Karen is a disappointment to the johns who bid on her. One day while posing as a Russian ballerina, Susanna meets a nice airplane pilot named Peter in the park. He turns out to be a mere cargo clerk at the airport. Karen finds solace in arms of a well-to-do socialite, and neither man knows what the gals really do for a living. Margareta manipulates and pushes her nieces to greater heights of perversion for her sick client's pleasure, until each girls takes charge of her future.

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