Bar Girls (1994)

Directed by Marita Giovanni
93 minutes : Drama
The life and loves of gay women hanging out at a local tavern are examined in this slice of life film.

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I loved this movie!!! I think everyone in or out of a relationship should see this.

Stephanie (email:


This movie was pretty good, with a storyline that was somewhat believable, and some scenes that were a little superficial, but still touching, and one great making love scene

Denise (email:,


This movie was highly realistic. My life is so much like this movie it is not even funny. From the cheating to the lying and the pain. I am a 20 yr old lesbian. I have been out and dating since I was 15. It is known in most bars that there is a yearly shuffle of girlfriend to girlfriend. It does happen, just like in the movie. I was very pleased to finnally see a movie that I could relate to. Everything involving dykes is always masked with kinky sex and men getting off. The truth is masked because of society and what is and is not exceptable. We need more movies of the truth. The love between two women is beautiful and an unbreakable emotional bond.

Holly (email:


love the move how do i get it on vhs please write me and let me know if you have more titles

DONNA (email: DONNA92082@AOL.COM)


i enjoyed this movie. j.r. is hot