Freeway (1996)

Little Red Riding Hood for the 1990's After her mom and step-dad are arrested, 15-year-old Vanessa Lutz decides that instead of once again being put into a foster home, she'd rather go and search for the grandmother she's never met, and live with her. "On the way to grandma's house," (actually a trailer park) Vanessa's car breaks down, and she's picked up from the side of the road by Bob Wolverton, a counselor at a school for troubled boys. Bob slowly earns Vanessa's trust, and eventually convinces her to talk about her sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. When Vanessa realizes that Bob is enjoying what she's saying, she realizes that he's "The I-5 Killer," from the news. She tries to get out of his truck, but the inside door handle has been removed...

Summary written by Daniel Aubrey White

15 year girl runs away from home after her mom to live with her grandmother after mom is arrested for prostatution and step dad for molesting her. Along the way her car breaks down, and a respectable, decent looking guy picks her up. Turns out he's the freeway rapist the news keeps talking about and now he's set his eyes on her. However, she shoots him several times and flees. By some miricle, the freeway rapist survives, and the police charge the girl with attempted homicide. The papers have a field day, making her out to be a scumbag and the guy a victim turned hero. But it's not over yet...

Summary written by Humberto Amador

Vanessa the main star of the movie lives a nightmare life. Her mother is a whore and her step father a crack head child molester. When Vanessa's mother is arrested again for prostituiton and her step father is taken away for posession of drugs she decides to hit the road and find her grandmother who she has never met.

Summary written by James Jarem

A young girl lives with her prostitute mother and drug-addicted, ex-con stepfather. He sexually abuses her until both parents are taken away by the police leaving her with a social worker. She runs away and encounters the "freeway killer." This is the perfect exploitation film. It has all the elements teenage female juvenile delinquent, prostitution, drug use, sexual abuse, serial rapist/killer, gunplay, courtroom drama, Brooke shields, women in prison, catfight, prison riot, lesbian sex. It overwhelmed me and I had to stop watching at that point. Maybe there was more.

Summary written by Mark Logan

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