Go Fish (1994)

Max is a trendy, pretty, young Lesbian, who is having trouble finding love. A friend sets her up with Ely, whom Max likes, but Ely is frumpy, homely, and older. Nor do they have much in common. Can Max learn to look past the packaging?

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This is the Lesbian movie of all Lesbian movies for my generation. (Late 20's - Early 30's) It is very sweet, very realistic & very funny. It's just like a slice of life in Black & White. This movie seems to tackle just about every Lesbian issue with tact & ease. There really is something here for everyone. Beautifully filmed & acted, it is a must-see if not a must-own for any Lesbian worth her salt. My HIGHEST recommendation!

Jennifish (email: varlavamp@aol.com)


one of my favorite lesbian movies, totally feel in love with the stark frankness and humor which is overlooked in many lesbian films

jody brunham (email: brunhajd@mala.bc.ca)