Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Directed by Peter Jackson
New Zealand/UK : 98 minutes : Drama : Thriller
Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme met in school during the 1950s. Instant best friends, they proceeded to spend every minute possible together, often writing about a fantasy land of their own invention. More and more estranged from their respective families, the two girls realise that they are extremely different from most other people, and agree to take any steps necessary to ensure that they are not seperated. The two families are increasingly concerned about the girls' friendship in a strictly moralistic era.

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What some people think about this movie...

This movie is beautiful and disturbing. The dreariness of the girls' real lives makes it clear why they created their elaborate fantasy world. The slowly developing sensuality of their friendship is much sexier than most allegedly "hot" movies; this is what the poetic phrase "the love that dare not speak its name" meant. The scene where a doctor reassures the mother of one of the girls that medical science may discover a cure for homosexuality any day had the audience in stitches when I saw it. Of course, I live in Atlanta, the "second San Francisco."

Eve Taggart (email: EveTaggart@aol.com, http://members.aol.com/evetaggart/index.html)


Very strong movie. I didn't like it much because in my opinion the attempt to show the phantasy world to wich the 2 girls escaped was not very persuasive...some scenes looked quite like Disneyland! I believe it's not simple showing young people's (and still more young lesbians') personality, fancies, dreams and interior world... But maybe an adult observer could do better. (I'm a young lesbian and I could hardly identify myself...fortunately for my mother!)

daffodil (email: daffodil54@hotmail.com)


One of my very favorite movies. Not so much as a Lesbian film (they only have one somewhat awkward love scene), but as a sociological testament. It's very intense & EXTREMELY well-acted with Kate Winslet being much more gorgeous than in Titanic even. Their story is tragic. The film does sweep you into their twisted little world, making it seem all the more plausible that two people could become so embroiled in each other that they no longer have any sense of reality. They don't "want" or "love" each other but really need each other to elevate themselves out of their own dissatisfying everyday lives. A film that makes you think. One of the very few movies I own. I HIGHLY recommend it. Chilling & sympathetic.

Jennifish (email: varlavamp@aol.com)


This movie is so great because it's a lesbian love story about two girls who who don't see their love & attraction as "wrong". It also seems like they don't even know the word "lesbian" yet, but are acting on true impulses. This film is really moving.SEE IT!!!!



Heavenly Creatures is a wonderful movie--based on a true story...I highly recommend it.

Em (email: gin25@hotmail.com)