Basic Instinct (1992)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven
USA : 128 : Triller
Former rock star and San Francisco nightclub owner Johnny Boz is found murdered in his bed. Detective Nick Curran is assigned to the case; he has a history of alcoholism and drug abuse although he is clean now. The prime suspect is Catherine Tramell, an attractive and manipulative novelist who had been seeing Boz for a while. Police psychiatrist Beth Gardner (who happens to be Nick's ex-girlfriend) is brought in on the case when it is discovered that Boz's murder was copied directly from one of Catherine's novels. Nick starts to get too involved and everyone seems to be a suspect.

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What some people think about this movie...

It is a magnificent movie. It allocates the remarkable actors play. An ornament of movie is a love story by detective and suspected and unexpected final. I recommend to look this movie whom was executed 27 age already.

Alex (email:,


The director's cut is better than the original... assuming you can find a copy of the director's cut.

Steph (email:


I saw the movie and was completely confused at the ending... who killed who, and what role did Beth play. I would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me. As far as I'm concerned, the solution to the murders was presented in a very confusing manner. Thanks a lot!!

Anakeri (email:


i want to know where i can get the directors cut.

elvis delgado (email: