27 Pieces Of Me (1994)

Directed by Gerald Donahoe
88 minutes : Drama
Two sisters, Tanya and Ramona, haven't seen each other in ten years when the younger sister, Ramona, arrives in Seattle for an unannounced visit that finds Tanya unprepared to suddenly deal with ancient family issues. Tanya's roommate Bold, a gay performance artist who dreams of being an Alaskan Dog-sledder, attempts to reconcile the two sisters, but when he inadvertently shocks Ramona with the news that Tanya is a lesbian, Ramona reveals the real reason behind her sudden arrival. The film features songs from over 10 Seattle bands, including The Tiny Hat Orchestra, The Laura Love band, Ganja Farmers, and Lisa Koch.

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I hadn't happiness to see this film but its title and topic are very attractive for me.

Alexey (email: alexey27@iname.com, http://members.tripod.com/~alexfur/27index.htm)