All Over Me (1997)

Directed by Alex Sichel
90 minutes : Drama

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A very real movie about Claude, a young girl in love with her best friend. Her best friend, though very straight, gives Claude just enough "action" to keep her hooked. When Claude says "I'm just your dog", it's an apt description of their relationship. Claude meets Luke, an out gay male, & with his help she is able to see the destructiveness of her relationship with her best friend. After some traumatic violence shakes up her life even more, Claude finds the courage to look for love elsewhere, where she finds a relationship with much more rewarding possibilities. Excellent performances by the cast especially the girl who plays Claude (I regret that I cannot remember the actress's name). Also, great supporting performances by Pat Briggs (of Psychotica) as the wise but lost soul, Luke, & by k.d. lang's girlfriend (from The Murmurs) (sadly, I don't recall her name either) as Claude's new flame.

Jennifish (email:,


Oh really? That's bueno. Oops I mean, that's cool.

Marie Cooper


Excellent movie. In PA we don't have much access to a wide choice of lesbian flicks, and most that I have seen have been...well...kinda strange. But this movie was great.

kim (email:


liked this flic alot, sad that claude was so insecure...she could of n eeded a friend like me

michelle (email:,