Everything Relative (1996)

Directed by Sharon Pollack

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This is the story of old friends who get together as sort of a reunion to celebrate the bris of one of the couples' new baby. The twist is all the friends, except one, are Lesbians. Being that they have known each other since early college & they are Lesbians, they all have histories with each other. Very true to life. :) This movie has them hashing out old feelings, reviving old relationships, & starting new ones. The movie "climaxes" in a big "sex between each couple" scene with the heterosexual woman enjoying "sex for one". Very realistically protrayed & perfectly catty. The women seemed like real Lesbians even if some of them didn't seem like real actresses. It was thoroughly enjoyable as a a "Big Chill" for dykes. I recommend it.

Jennifish (email: varlavamp@aol.com)