Roberta Cali's "Lesbian movies"
These pages are devoted to the lesbian movies from all over the world. They have been realized with the cooperation of many lesbians, starting from an idea born in lli , the first italian lesbian mailing list.
Besides the movies that you can select on the left menu, you will find some info or articles on coming out movies or happenings about lesbian cinema
There is an interesting article, in italian only for the moment, on Lesbian mothers in cinema by Rosi Messina, than you can see a presentation of the new movie...

The GLBO-Centered Film List compiled by Frank Swilling

Lesbian-Centered European Films

From The GLBO-Centered Film List compiled by Frank Swilling
January through April 1997 Edition
This selection of European lesbian films has been picked from the above list by Eva Isaksson.

Dave's Queer Cinema

Welcome to the Queer Cinema! I am your host, David Hua. Below you will find an extensive list of films that contain gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered main characters. Our image within film has come a long way, with more and more films containing main queer characters these days. I hope you enjoy the information I have provided and please provide me with any feedback you have...

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